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About: Port Sudan SUDAN


Port authority: Port Sudan
Contact Information: -
country: SUDAN
State: -
Province: -
City: -
Address: Port Sudan Sudan
Port Location: Port Sudan
Zipcode: -
Port Name: Port Sudan
Port Authority: Port Sudan
Phone: 249 311 822061
Fax: 249 183 779349
800 Number: -
Email: -
Web Site:
Port Type: Seaport
Port Size: Medium
Waterways: Red Sea
Waterways System: Arabian Sea Region
Review History: The major seaport of Sudan, which handles the majority of the external trade of the country is the Port of Sudan. The port is located on the eastern coast of the African continent on the Red Sea and is at a distance of about 160nautical miles from Jeddah in the southwest which has made it a point of travel for the Muslims on their way to Mecca through the Jeddah Islamic port. As of the year 2000, the place was home to more than 410,000 people comprising of Nubian Sudanese, West Africans, Arabs, indigenous Beja, Asians and a few Europeans. The port was built during the early years of 20th century for replacing the Suakin port, which was choked by coral. The port is located on the shores of the gulf connecting to the Red Sea through a coral free deep channel of depth 18m 26m. Apart from housing modern facilities in the dock, the port also has an international airport and an oil refinery. The onshore wells supply the petroleum to the refinery here and there is a 850km pipeline connecting to the Khartoum completed in the year 1977.
General Information: -
First Port of Entry: Yes
ETA Message Required: Yes
Publication: 172
Chart: 62142
USA Representative: No
Medical Facilities: Yes
Harbor Characteristics: -
Harbor Size: Medium
Shelter: Good
Maximum Vessel Size: Over 500 feet in length
Harbor Type: Coastal Natural
Shelter: Good
Turning Area: -
Good Holding Ground:
Entrance Restrictions: -
Tides: No
Ice: No
Overhead Limit: -
Swell: No
Other: Yes
Water Depth: -
Channel: 76 feet OVER 23.2m OVER
Cargo Pier: 26 30 feet 7.1 9.1 meters
Mean Tide: -
Anchorage: 66 75 feet 20.1 21.3 meters
Oil Terminal: 31 35 feet 9.4 10 meters
Pilotage: -
Compulsory: Yes
Available: Yes
Local Assist: -
Tugs: -
Assist: Yes
Salvage: Yes
Quarantine: -
Pratique: Yes
Deratt Cert: -
Other2: -
Communications: -
Telephone: Yes
Radio: Yes
Air: Yes
Telegraph: Yes
Radio Tel: Yes
Rail: Yes
Loading & Unloading: -
Wharves: Yes
Med Moor: Yes
Ice2: -
Anchor: Yes
Beach: Yes
Lifts & Cranes: -
100+ Ton Lifts: -
50-100 Ton Lifts: -
25-49 Ton Lifts: Yes
0-24 Ton Lifts: Yes
Fixed Cranes: Yes
Mobile Cranes: Yes
Floating Cranes: -
Port Services: -
Longshore: Yes
Electrical Repair: -
Steam: -
Electrical: Yes
Navigation Equipment: -
Supplies: -
Provisions: Yes
Fuel Oil: Yes
Deck: Yes
Water: Yes
Diesel Oil: Yes
Engine: Yes
Repairs, Drydock, Railway & Other Services: -
Ship Repairs: Limited
Marine Railroad Size: Very Small
Degauss: -
Drydock Size: -
Garbage Disposal: Yes
Dirty Ballast: No
place name: Port Sudan
postal code: -
cross street: -
neighborhood: -
inside: -
twitter: -
facebook: -
description: -
business hours info: -
Port of Call: Here are the harbor characteristics, water depths, entrance restrictions, tug and pilotage requirements, lift and crane availability, supplies and services to assist you in planning your next port of call at Port Sudan

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