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Port of Shuwaikh



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About: Port of Shuwaikh KUWAIT


Port authority: Kuwait Ports Authority
Contact Information: -
country: KUWAIT
State: -
Province: -
City: -
Address: P.O Box 3874 Safat 13039 Kuwait
Port Location: Shuwaikh
Zipcode: -
Port Name: Port of Shuwaikh
Port Authority: Kuwait Ports Authority
Phone: 4812622
Fax: 4819714
800 Number: -
Email: -
Web Site:
Port Type: Seaport
Port Size: Medium
Waterways: Persian Gulf
Waterways System: Arabian Sea Region
Review History: The most important of the ports in the country of Kuwait is the Port of Shuwaikh, also known as Ash Ashuwaykh. The port lies on the southern banks of the Bay of Kuwait off the Gulf of Persia. The city of Kuwait gets its electric power and water from the desalinization plant of this port. The port had about nearly 3000 people living here in the year 1985. The area of the part is a combination of rural and industrial sectors. The city has Souq al Juma, the popular markets on Friday where people haggle for carpets, clothes, material, furniture, animals, plants, new goods, used goods, antiques and souvenirs. The port handles ocean borne vessels thanks to the berths with good depth and modern facilities for containers. The port is managed and operated by the Kuwait Ports Authority. The port is the major port for commerce in the country and occupies about 320hectares on land and around 120hectares on water. The channel for navigation inside the Bay of Kuwait was dredged to increase the depth to about 8.5m with the length at 8km. The port can handle vessels of nearly 7.5m draft during any tide. Even during high tide, the vessels can easily enter this port a draft of about 9.5m and easily leave the port too. There are about 21 berths in the port measuring to the length of about 4055m. 14 berths in the port measures to a depth of about 10m while 4 berths have a depth of 8.5m and there are three berths with a depth of 6.7m. The port handles different cargo vessels including merchant ships, liners, passenger ships, tramps, fishing trawlers and cargo laden containers, roll off/roll on barges and vessels.
General Information: -
First Port of Entry: -
ETA Message Required: -
Publication: -
Chart: -
USA Representative: -
Medical Facilities: -
Harbor Characteristics: -
Harbor Size: -
Shelter: -
Maximum Vessel Size: -
Harbor Type: -
Shelter: -
Turning Area: -
Good Holding Ground:
Entrance Restrictions: -
Tides: -
Ice: -
Overhead Limit: -
Swell: -
Other: -
Water Depth: -
Channel: -
Cargo Pier: -
Mean Tide: -
Anchorage: -
Oil Terminal: -
Pilotage: -
Compulsory: -
Available: -
Local Assist: -
Tugs: -
Assist: -
Salvage: -
Quarantine: -
Pratique: -
Deratt Cert: -
Other2: -
Communications: -
Telephone: -
Radio: -
Air: -
Telegraph: -
Radio Tel: -
Rail: -
Loading & Unloading: -
Wharves: -
Med Moor: -
Ice2: -
Anchor: -
Beach: -
Lifts & Cranes: -
100+ Ton Lifts: -
50-100 Ton Lifts: -
25-49 Ton Lifts: -
0-24 Ton Lifts: -
Fixed Cranes: -
Mobile Cranes: -
Floating Cranes: -
Port Services: -
Longshore: -
Electrical Repair: -
Steam: -
Electrical: -
Navigation Equipment: -
Supplies: -
Provisions: -
Fuel Oil: -
Deck: -
Water: -
Diesel Oil: -
Engine: -
Repairs, Drydock, Railway & Other Services: -
Ship Repairs: -
Marine Railroad Size: -
Degauss: -
Drydock Size: -
Garbage Disposal: -
Dirty Ballast: -
place name: Port of Shuwaikh
postal code: -
cross street: -
neighborhood: -
inside: -
twitter: -
facebook: -
description: -
business hours info: -
Port of Call: -

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