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Port of Acajutla



Rimanishte  EL SALVADOR 
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About: Port of Acajutla EL SALVADOR


Port authority: Autoridad Maritima Portuaria
Contact Information: -
country: EL SALVADOR
State: -
Province: -
City: Acajutla
Address: Bulevar, Sergio de Mello #508 Colonia San Benito San Salvador El Salvador
Port Location: Acajutla
Zipcode: -
Port Name: Port of Acajutla
Port Authority: Autoridad Maritima Portuaria
Phone: 503 2452 3200
Fax: -
800 Number: -
Web Site:
Port Type: Seaport
Port Size: Medium
Waterways: -
Waterways System: -
Review History: Lying in the northwestern coast of the Pacific, as a deep water port, the Port of Acajutla is also the main port of El Salvador. It handles major export volumes of El Salvador including balsam, coffee and sugar. The biggest of the oil refineries in El Salvador is located in this port which handles refining of petroleum received from Venezuela. The port is also home to several shell processing plants, sea food processing plants and a fertilizer plant. The beaches on this port are so beautiful that tourists are often visiting it to enjoy the beauty. As of the year 2005, the place was home to nearly 26,000 people.
General Information: -
First Port of Entry: Yes
ETA Message Required: Yes
Publication: 153
Chart: 21524
USA Representative: No
Medical Facilities: Yes
Harbor Characteristics: -
Harbor Size: Very Small
Shelter: Poor
Maximum Vessel Size: Over 500 feet in length
Harbor Type: Open Roadstead
Shelter: Poor
Turning Area: -
Good Holding Ground:
Entrance Restrictions: -
Tides: Yes
Ice: No
Overhead Limit: -
Swell: No
Other: Yes
Water Depth: -
Channel: -
Cargo Pier: 31 - 35 feet 9.4 - 10 meters
Mean Tide: 2 feet
Anchorage: 61 - 65 feet 18.6 - 19.8 meters
Oil Terminal: 31 - 35 feet 9.4 - 10 meters
Pilotage: -
Compulsory: Yes
Available: Yes
Local Assist: -
Tugs: -
Assist: Yes
Salvage: NO
Quarantine: -
Pratique: -
Deratt Cert: Yes
Other2: Yes
Communications: -
Telephone: Yes
Radio: Yes
Air: Yes
Telegraph: Yes
Radio Tel: Yes
Rail: Yes
Loading & Unloading: -
Wharves: Yes
Med Moor: -
Ice2: -
Anchor: Yes
Beach: -
Lifts & Cranes: -
100+ Ton Lifts: -
50-100 Ton Lifts: -
25-49 Ton Lifts: Yes
0-24 Ton Lifts: -
Fixed Cranes: Yes
Mobile Cranes: Yes
Floating Cranes: -
Port Services: -
Longshore: Yes
Electrical Repair: No
Steam: No
Electrical: No
Navigation Equipment: No
Supplies: -
Provisions: Yes
Fuel Oil: Yes
Deck: No
Water: Yes
Diesel Oil: Yes
Engine: No
Repairs, Drydock, Railway & Other Services: -
Ship Repairs: Limited
Marine Railroad Size: -
Degauss: -
Drydock Size: -
Garbage Disposal: No
Dirty Ballast: No
place name: Port of Acajutla
postal code: -
cross street: -
neighborhood: -
inside: -
twitter: -
facebook: -
description: -
business hours info: -
Port of Call: Here are the harbor characteristics, water depths, entrance restrictions, tug and pilotage requirements, lift and crane availability, supplies and services to assist you in planning your next port of call at Port of Acajutla

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